About Me

For my CV and consultation rates,  please contact me at mkverma2002@gmail.com.


  1. More than 35 years of experience in automotive engineering, including design and testing of new vehicles at one of the largest manufacturers of automobiles;
  2. Consultant in areas of accident investigations, intellectual property litigation, vehicle design for safety and future regulatory policies
  3. R&D and teaching experience in vehicle engineering, traffic safety and intelligent transportation systems.

Areas of Consulting

  • Vehicle Engineering – Design & testing  for safety. Passive systems, airbags, crash sensors, structure. Active systems – pre-crash sensing, autonomous braking, crash avoidance. .Electric vehicles – functional safety.
  • Intelligent transportation technologies for increased energy efficiency & safety. Mass.  Mechatronics system. Intelligent tires.
  • Product Liability and Forensic Engineering – Accident analysis. Performance evaluation of vehicles. Pedestrian impacts with automobiles.. Pre-crash & accident avoidance systems. Post-crash protection and rescue.
  • Intellectual Property: Analysis of infringement claims and patent validity in areas of automotive safety systems, sensors; airbags & restraint systems, interior components; Tires and TPMS. 

Partial List of Clients & Projects:

  • Automobile Compoent Manufacturer Investigation of manufacturing process and quality control in supply chain for airbag in car.
  • State government – Investigation of injury causation in mass-transit bus and design analysis of the ingress-egress structure.
  • Transportation CompanyAnalysis of rollover of fully-loaded tractor-trailer and injury to its driver.
  • US Government – Peer review of research on design of vehicles for improved energy efficiency; Evaluation of crash protection effectiveness of reduced-mass cars and SUVs.
  • Overseas automotive organizationsFunctional and accident safety of Electric vehicles, Review of national test facility for electric vehicles. Factors affecting increased usage.
  • Individual clientsInvestigation of factors in head injury from remote-operated trunk-lid.  Analysis of  impact of external objects to windshields. Airbag deployment in fire.
  • Automotive companiesInvestigation of car-to-SUV crash and resulting fatality; Performance analysis of airbags, structure and sensors.
  • Insurance companyInvestigation of factors in injury caused to front-seat passenger by external object; Performance of laminated windshields with pre-existing crack.
  • Two Automotive manufacturersPatent infringement and validity analysis of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.
  • New Vehicle ManufacturerDirecting vehicle design to achieve low mass and top-level safety performance. 

Recent Testifying Experience:  

  • Depositions (California 2016) – Invalidity report and Rebuttal of infringement claims. Case 2:14-cv-02963-JAK; and Case 8:14-cv-00491-JAK.
  • Deposition (Florida, 2015)Analysis of impact risks from remote-operated trunk-lid and evaluation of risk-mitigation technologies.
  • Deposition (Kentucky, 2012)Case involving performance of airbag and vehicle structure in car-to-SUV crash.


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering & Applied Mechanics, University of Michigan.

 Technical Publications:

  • 30+ papers and presentations – in peer reviewed engineering journals and at international conferences.