Brief listing of recent posts.

1. Pedestrians’ Safety & Effects of Vehicle Front-End Design: Every year, there are approximately 6000 fatalities to pedestrians and bicyclists from automobiles.The specific issues that need to be addressed for improving the safety of both adult and child pedestrians are discussed here.

2 Automobile Seat Structures and Occupants’ Safety in Rear Crashes:  Seat and seatback structure may be significant factors in protection of occupants in vehicles hit in the rear. It is sometimes claimed that stronger seats & seatbacks would reduce the injuries to the vehicle’s occupants. But detailed analysis of proper seat design for safety leads to different conclusions, as shown in this article.

3. Electric & Hybrid Vehicles – Functional Safety & Crash Safety:  Electric and hybrid vehicles use high-voltage batteries to store energy that is to be used for propulsion. The overall safety of such automobile includes both Functional safetyin operation and  occupants’ safety in accidents. The unique challenges in assuring the safety of such vehicles are discussed in this article.

4. Are Lighter Cars Less Safe?  Many automobiles are being designed to be of  lighter mass due to energy-related needs.. The question of whether ‘lower mass’ equates to ‘less safe’ is analyzed based on technology factors and engineering principles of automotive safety in this article.

5. Airbags -Proper Deployment & Effectiveness in Crashes: Airbag deployment is based on the detection of a crash of sufficient severity so that the airbag is likely to improve the protection of the occupant. A review of the deployment and non-deployment criteria and performance of airbags is  presented in this article.

6. Side Impacts Between Cars: In impact of one vehicle into the side of another,, injuries to vehicle occupants depend on multiple factors including crash parameters, side structures and airbags. The analysis of injury causation and the performance evaluation of safety systems needs to account for all the significant factors. Detailed review of vehicle structures and side airbags are presented here.

7. Laminated Glass in Vehicle Crashes:  Laminated windshields have the property that they develop cracks in impacts and retain them post-accident. These retained cracks can be analyzed to obtain significant information about the events. Two cases where this analysis was used for accident investigation are presented here

9. IN NEWS & MAGAZINES:  Some of my comments and writings that have appeared in newspaper stories and magazine articlles are listed on the next page.